Introducing KitKat Series: A Hub to practice Big Data Projects

Image: Introductory image of Big Data
  • It is a series of technical blogs (published in Medium) containing mini Big data Hadoop projects from various domains such as Healthcare, Telecom, Government, Finance, etc.
  • It signifies Short, and sweet 🍫. No rocket science, I wanted the name to be relatable with its content.
  • First, Any project(s) start for a reason, it could be Solving a problem, enhancing existing process, blah-blah.. and to make better business decisions.
  • Hence, All my blogs will start with problem statement or a goal-statement to enable business decisions.
  • We will then draw out the available sources and its origin and connect with our data pipeline and decide which component of Hadoop eco-system to be used and where.
  • Initiate the data pipeline Hands-on. Steps for each task, would be briefed and the source code will also be available in my GitHub repo💻. mihirdhakan93 (Mihir Dhakan) (
  • Follow the steps mentioned in blog or GitHub Repo and perform on your own.
  • Let’s be very honest here, It would not be as full-fledged as in the industry, but you would be able to figure out the different aspects of data pipelines and how it works.
  • Willingness to learn and get hands dirty. Just by reading the blog, you won’t learn —indeed, bitter truth.
  • Beginner knowledge of Hadoop, hive, hdfs, scala, python, sqoop, mysql, etc. If you don’t fall under this, Don’t worry, it’s not going to be that tough, give a try mate; better ‘try’ than never.
  • Data — I would be sharing some open-source Data repo’s in each blog which we will use throughout.
  • Cluster — I would be using Big Data Cloud Cluster provided by some providers such as CloudxLab for nominal charges. I am big fan of cloud, but you are free to use it in your local, virtual machines, etc.
  • Hive, HDFS, Kafka, Spark, Scala, Python (libs such as Pandas), MySQL, File storage methods such as Avro, Parquet, ORC
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Data Evangelist | Blogger | Super Optimist

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Mihir Dhakan

Mihir Dhakan

Data Evangelist | Blogger | Super Optimist

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